Shirt Styles

Choose a shirt style you like. PLEASE take note of the sizing, some fit large and some run small. The BEST  way to make sure of the fit is to lay one of your favorite fitting shirts flat and measure across the shirt about an inch under the armpit. Compare that number to the measurement of the garment you are interested in to choose which size will work for you!

LARGER sizes may incrue an additional fee.

ALSO, junior fit tees are fitted and run small! DO NOT  choose a junior fit unless your are a small framed person, like it snug or get it one to two sizes larger than what you usually wear!

PLEASE take note, we can help guide you through the fitting process, BUT we do not know what you look like, how you are built, what size you normally wear or how you like your shirts to fit! We CANNOT offer a refund for shirts that are the wrong size!

For easier pricing, shirts are now organized in tiers-Basic tees-$10, Premium Tees-$18 and Jerseys-$25. This is for the price of the shirt ONLY. Your choice of decoration will be additional.